Team Members

MAAC offers high-end 3D Animation & VFX training.

Team Members

Streamlined to what is relevant of, our "TEAM" are immersed into the craft of teaching.

Neetu Sikka

Neetu Sikka is the Director of MAAC Karol Bagh & Maac Faridabad.

Maac Faridabad Counsellor

Maac Karolbagh Counsellor


Gurvinder Singh Sekhon

Gurvinder Singh Sekhon brings his extensive experience, technical know-how, and thorough understanding of industry pipelines to the role of CG Instructor at MAAC Karolbagh & Faridabad.

Taruna Singh Ahuja

Taruna Singh Ahuja is a Pre-Production faculty. She has been providing her artistic skills to the arts ,2d animation.Expert in Graphics & Pre-Production ,Specailist in Digital Painting & Art & Craft.

Poonam Malhotra

Poonam Malhotra is a Graphic & Web Expert having 3 years experience as mentor and lead visual designer on projects of website & GUI application design and advertising-print.

Mayur Jaiswal

Mayur Jaiswal is a dedicated 3D expert and generalist with over 2 years of teaching experience. He currently holds the role of 3d instructor at MAAC Karol Bagh & Faridabad Holding a degree in Bachelor of Arts in animation and VFX.Mayur's career started out in the creative world of education.

Devashya Vishwakarma

Visual Effects Instructor, Devashya Vishwakarma plays a central role at MAAC Karol Bagh & Faridabad, where his technical expertise and natural leadership style have been drawn upon for some of the organization’s most challenging roles and also loves to generate strong, engaging content.